“Empowering youth for a safer and better future”

The KL International Youth Discourse 2016 (KLIYD2016) is a platform for our youth to discuss geo-political issues in the focus of security, sovereignty, the cultures and the role of religion. KLIYD2016 believes in the importance of empowering our youths to engage in topics concerning our community and world.


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“We must fight their lies with the truth about Islam. We must oppose with all our might their attempts to indoctrinate our young people, and to take advantage of those on the margins or who have lost their way. And we must ensure that appropriate legislation is in place to let our security and police forces take all measures necessary to stop attacks before they take place, and to root out those who would spread fear and chaos in our lands.” - World Islamic Economic Forum, Jakarta 2016


KLIYD provides a robust platform for our youth to express and share their aspiration and opinions. It serves as the nucleus of mind contestation that will outline a healthy exchange of ideas among our youth. KLIYD aims to gather young minds, allowing them to chart a new narrative for the future. A narrative that will certainly bring our young generation into uniformity and collectivity of our goal to combat radicalism and extremism, hence delivering a safer and better future ahead. This KL International Youth Discourse 2016 believes in the empowerment of youth for a safer and better future. Our youth as the solution. Join us.



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Threats on our Youth Today

Threat from extremist forces today dominates our global concerns. Specifically, there have been groups throughout South East Asia upholding the intention to disrupt the peace of our region. The attacks in Jakarta, the Philippines, the recent spate of kid-nappings in Southern Philippines and Sabah, the attacks in Southern Thailand, the failed missile attacks on Singapore, serve as a timely reminder of the persistent threat that terrorism continues to pose to Southeast Asian societies. These extremist entities have emerged as the signal expression of this terrorism for the purpose of disrupting democracies and our national and collective institutions.

Purpose of KLIYD

The purpose of this regional forum holds imperative on five points. The collective of which is vital to both regionally and domestically:
1. To bring together the experts and experienced on regional security
2. To engage youths of Malaysia of this vital discussion
3. To establish a clear line of communication between youths and regional decision makers
4. To establish a platform of networking that will benefit the security of this region
5. To bring forth a clear balance of sovereignty in the question of regional security

In all, the greatest goal this forum can achieve is the feeling of collectivity. From students to lawmakers, from experts to educators, from industry leaders to stakeholders. Bridging this gap between those on the top and those on the streets provides the crucial factor of collectivity, the knowledge that we are together in this process, that no one country is facing the threat alone.





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